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Electronic Cigarettes - the electronic alternative to cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes are an electronic alternative to cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are devices which produce water vapour whilst still supplying nicotine to the smoker. Electronic cigarettes can be smoked indoors legally in the UK because they do not burn. Electronic cigarettes contain no tar and no tobacco.

All electronic cigarettes look, feel and taste like normal cigarettes with the added advantages of:

  • • No Tobacco
  • • No Smoke
  • • No Tar
  • • Non-flammable
  • • No smell
  • • Pollution-free
  • • Cheaper than normal cigarettes
  • • Legal and safe to smoke indoors - pubs, restaurants, anywhere!
  • • Tastes and smokes like a real cigarette

New Products

  • E-Cigarette Cartridges 2x Pack

    E-Cigarette Cartridges 2x Pack

    A Dual box of E Tips contains the equivalent of 80 cigarettes. It is available in four different strengths and flavours.
  • E80 E-Cigarette Kit

    E80 E-Cigarette Kit

    The E80 has everything you will require to begin vaping, including a battery, usb charger and 2 E Tips.
  • E-Gar Electronic Cigar

    E-Gar Electronic Cigar

    A smooth taste that is guaranteed to offer the satisfaction a cigar smoker demands and expects.